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Summary of 9/11 Coincidences


  1. Anti-terrorism task-force takes out hundreds of Islamic websites just days before Sept 11th.  To keep them quiet after the attack?

  2. San Francisco Mayor warned not to fly the night before the attacks

  3. Jeb Bush amends an executive order giving emergency power to FEMA. He changed it on September 7th 2001 to include terrorist attacks

  4. John Ashcroft was not flying on commercial jets in July 2001 - only in chartered jets due to a threat assessment. Funny that..

  5. Rule that allowed pilots to carry guns in the cockpit was rescinded 2 months before 9-11  (had been in place since 1961) in spite of the fact that warnings were given about potential hijackings in the same month....

  6. Salman Rushdie (remember him?) was banned from taking internal flights in US and Canada the week before the attack

  7. Pentagon officials suddenly develop a fear of flying- on Sept 10th. We didn't know! Sorry we forgot to increase security in the airports.

  8. The Pentagon had been planning for a plane crashing into the building

  9. The emergency plan for the unlikely event of a plane hitting the Pentagon was drafted by the pilot of flight 77 (Former US Navy, Charles Burlingame) which crashed into the Pentagon. (Washington Post 9/16/01)

  10. On Sept 11th, about 4 miles from Dulles Airport where one of the hijacked planes took off, the National Reconnaissance Office (linked to CIA) was carrying out a disaster preparedness simulation of a plane crashing into their building.

  11. Operation Amalgam Virgo - a simulated multiple plane hijacking scenario was planned prior to Sept 11th but carried out later on. The point being "how could we have foreseen something like this?" is a lie.

  12. A simulated terrorist attack was scheduled for Sept 12th. The Emergency Command Centre in Building 7 was destroyed, but the comm centre ultimately ended up on Pier 7, the site selected for the drill the next day.

  13. Naval Officer, Bernard Brown had a conversation with his son about not being afraid of dying just before he put him on Flight 77, the plane that crashed into the Pentagon. Had Bernard Brown been at work that day he would have been killed as the plane carrying his son crashed into his office at the Pentagon . Luckily he had taken a rare day off to play golf.

  14. Pakistani boy points at WTC on Sept 6th and says: "Those buildings will not be there next week"   Which means that someone, somewhere, knew for certain that the buildings would definitely collapse. Which means there were explosive devices in the building.

  15. The invasion of Afghanistan was planned well in advance of Sept 11th and some neighbouring countries were informed of these plans prior to the attacks. (BBC)

  16. Former FBI terrorism chief John O'Neill had become frustrated by his investigations into Osama Bin Laden being thwarted by American oil interests. He had told two French journalists that oil company negotiations with the Taliban about access to the  oil in central Asia were preventing him from investigating Islamic terrorism. The coincidence? He was killed on the second day of his new job as security director in the World Trade Center, Sept 11th 2001.

  17. X-files spin-off "The Lone Gunmen" aired in March 2001.  The plot involves government operatives crashing of a plane into the World Trade Center using remote control technology. The plan to blame terrorists in order to keep tensions high and increase arms sales.

  18. People who were nearly in the World Trade Center on Sept 11th include: Jackie Chan. He was scheduled to film on the roof early that morning but it was cancelled due to a late script. The film featured a terrorist plot to blow up the statue of liberty.

  19. The Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson was late for a scheduled meeting on the 101st floor of one of the buildings at 8.45.

  20. Jim Pierce, managing director of AON Corporation had arranged a meeting on the 105th floor of the WTC. Due to the size of the group they moved to the Millennium hotel across the street. He is George Bush's Cousin (Ananova)

  21. Warren Buffet (2nd richest man in the world) was holding a golf event on Sept 11th, coincidentally at  the U.S. Strategic Command headquarters located at Offutt Air Force Base in Omaha. The first coincidence being that this was where G.W.Bush was flown later that day "for safety." The big coincidence being that a number of CEOs from big companies in the WTC were present. Anne Tatlock of Fiduciary Trust was there, she would have been killed as Flight 175 flew into her office.

  22. A French Newspaper, Le Figaro, reported that Bin Laden was in Dubai for Kidney treatment in July 2001. He was visited by the local CIA agent who later bragged about the meeting. (Guardian)

  23. A band called "I am the World Trade Center" released a CD in July 2001. The eleventh track on the CD was titled "September."

  24. "The Inner City Hustlers" released Time to Explode in July. Its cover features two towers resembling the WTC buildings rocked by an explosion. Rap group "The Coup" were scheduled to release an album in Nov. The cover, designed in July depicted an explosion half way up the World Trade Center. Metal band Dream Theater released its three-disc concert album, Live Scenes From New York, Tuesday, the same day as the assault. The album's cover features the Manhattan skyline -- including the Statue of Liberty and World Trade Center -- engulfed in a fireball above a big apple wrapped in twine. (Houston Chronicle)

  25. Tele Trieste, German band released an album in Jun 2001 with the cover shown below.

  26. "Trade Center Defender" a macromedia game, was hosted for part of  2001 on Angelfire Arcade. (See image below) You had to shoot planes flying towards a pair of office buildings which collapse if the planes get through. The filename was WTC.EXE.

  27. There was an unexplained surge of financial transactions in the WTC just prior to the attacks. Over $100,000,000 were rushed through the computers, but this was picked up by the German company Convar who were recovering data from hard disks in the building.

  28. Insider trading. A stock market term, "put" option is effectively a bet that the value of a stock will decrease. There was a surge in "put" options purchased for American Airlines, United Airlines and some companies with offices in the WTC. CIA executive director "Buzzy" Krongard managed the firm that handled "put" options on UAL

  29. The father of the alleged hijacker ringleader Mohamed Atta, Mohamed El-Amir, claims his son phoned him on Sept 12th. He is a respected Egyptian business man.

  30. Pakistani ISI chief General Mahmood Ahmed gives orders to wire $100,000 to Mohamed Atta in the summer of 2001. General Ahmad was meeting with CIA Head George Tenet on the 4th to 9th Sept 2001. On Sept 11th he was at a breakfast meeting at the Capitol with the chairmen of the House and Senate Intelligence Committees Sen Bob Graham and Rep Porter Goss.

  31. The man who actually wired the money to Mohamed Atta is called Ahmad Omar Saeed Sheik. He was sentenced to death for the murder of American journalist Daniel Pearl, who was in Pakistan investigating shoe-bomber Richard Reid.

  32. George W. Bush's brother was on the board of directors of a company that handled security for the WTC, Dulles and United.

  33. According to USA Today, the FAA operations manager, Ben Sliney gave the order to clear the skies on 9-11. It was his first day on the job.

  34. Only 189 people died in the Pentagon because Flight77 flew horizontally into Wedge 1 just after its $258,000,000 strengthening program was completed. 4600 workers were still out of their offices on that day. Presumably the hijackers not only wanted to save as many lives as possible but wanted to help the Pentagon by testing out the blast resistant glass and steel reinforced concrete walls.

Additional information:

Coincidences and other anomalies

Pakistani boy points at WTC on Sept 6th and says: "Those buildings will not be there next week"

After reading the above article it is well worth reading about the links between the Pakistani ISI and the Sept 11th attacks

X-files spin-off "The Lone Gunmen" aired in March 2001.

"Byers goes back to his father's home and finds Bert there. Bert slaps him and says he should not have gotten involved. The 12D plan is for a small group of government operatives to crash a jetliner into New York City in order to keep tensions high and increase arms sales."

"They realize that the airplane will be remote controlled, just like Bert's car was. Talking by phone to the Gunmen's office, Byers asks Langly and Frohike to hack into the aircraft controls. They do and discover that the plane is programmed to crash into the World Trade Center. Bert enters the cockpit and tries to warn the aircrew, but they don't believe him. Making a lunge, he deactivates the autopilot and the crew realizes that they are not in control. They have 22 minutes before they hit the building. Langly can't break the encryption on the aircraft control system --- his computer doesn't have the processing power and the computer keeps freezing. Frohike slips next door to the firing range and finds Yves there. He needs the Octium but she is not impressed by the need to save people's lives. Frohike points out that her name is an anagram for "Lee Harvey Oswald" and says he knows who she is. She uses the Octium in her laptop to somehow assist Langly break the encryption and give the pilots control of the aircraft again. The plane barely misses the skyscraper."

If only these people were real.

Donald Rumsfeld's Psychic Powers

Rumsfeld magically predicts there will be another major event to justify defense spending - minutes before the planes hit the WTC.

"Ironically, just moments before the Department of Defense was hit by a suicide hijacker, Secretary Rumsfeld was describing to me why America needs to abandon its decade-old two-major-war strategy, and focus on the real threat facing us in the 21st century:  terrorism, and the unexpected. "


"And let me tell you, I've been around the block a few times.  There will be another event."  He repeated it for emphasis:  "There will be another event."

        Within minutes of that utterance, Rumsfeld's words proved tragically prophetic.

Jeb Bush and his amazing Psychic Powers

Jeb created an executive order granting powers to the National Guard in the event of an emergency in Florida. He decided to amend and reissue this order on the 9th Sept 2001 to include terrorist attacks. What a coincidence.

Dan Rather interview in which a FEMA spokesman claims to have arrived in NYC the night before the attacks

Idiot monkey boy gives the game away. Bush appears to be saying he watched the first plane hit the WTC live. It takes about 2 seconds of thought to work out what is wrong with this picture.

San Francisco Mayor warned not to fly the night before the attacks

Ashcroft was not flying on commercial jets in July 2001 - only in chartered jets due to a threat assessment. Funny that..

Four days BEFORE 9/11, the FBI raided and closed the primary Arab news source on the web and refused to explain why

Something funny with www.archive.org?

Rule that allowed pilots to carry guns in the cockpit was rescinded 2 months before 9-11  (had been in place since 1961) in spite of the fact that warnings were given about potential hijackings in the same month....


Salman Rushdie (remember him?) was banned from taking internal flights in US and Canada the week before the attack

Here it is in the internet archive but just in case it disappears from the archive I've saved a copy of it here

Pentagon officials suddenly develop a fear of flying- I would imagine top psychic Donaldo Rumsfeldo probably read their tarot cards

<< On Sept. 10, NEWSWEEK has learned, a group of top Pentagon officials suddenly cancelled travel plans for the next morning, apparently because of security concerns. >>

Isn't it lucky that the Pentagon had been planning for a plane crashing into the building (but nothing like this has ever happened before and we had no warning and we couldn't have stopped it and we don't have any protection or defences really, really honest..........etc.)

Israeli text messages warning of the attack 2 hours before - unknown senders

Mossad warned CIA of impending attacks a month before-  (oh yeah and Iraq are involved - any chance of an invasion?)

If Mossad knew in advance (and to their credit, attempted to warn people) is it possible that the early rumours of Israelis being absent from the WTC on Sept 11th could in fact be true?

Booklet from 1999 suggests terrorists might crash a plane into the Pentagon



U.S. $20 dollar bill

Contains hidden pictures of the
World Trade Center
and Pentagon attacks!


Compare your fold precisely to this picture.

exactly as you folded the left side.
You'll immediately see the
Pentagon ablaze! (red circle)

The Twin Towers of the
World Trade Center
are hit and smoking.

What are the odds that a simple geometric folding of the $20 bill
would accidentally contain
a representation of both
terror attacks?

Need more proof?

You can even fold the $20
to say OSAMA!

Need even more proof?

9+11 = 20!

With just 2 more folds
your $20 bill turns into a airplane!


Even more proof?

If you fold a Five dollar bill and a ten dollar bill
the same as the Twenty, the Five shows you
the towers before the attack and the ten
shows the towers after the first hit.

What's on the $5?

Not so sure about the $5 bill showing the WTC,
however if you fold the bill in the reverse
of the way shown about it clearly shows
the Pentagon before the attack!

What's on the $10?

Notice the building in the foreground -
it's in the picture and on the BILL!

What's on the $50?

The building is falling on the $50!

What's on the $100?

This is pretty self explanatory.


Additional Comments
  • On the 'Pentagon' side, the folded bill has FIVE sides like the Pentagon.
  • On the WTC side, if you fold the two sides together [like an AIRPLANE] with one tower on one side of the AIRPLANE fold and the other tower on the other side of the AIRPLANE fold, you will notice the word AMERICAN is on one side and the word UNITED is on the other side. The two airlines that crashed into the WTC: AMERICAN & UNITED!
  • Try folding a dollar bill like you do the $20. Now look at the side that the WTC towers were on with the other bills. Now you see the eagle with its head and wings cut off and turned upside down with the bottom of the pyramid picture that says "Novus Ordo Seclorum" (New World Order). Starting with the dollar bill foretelling what the new world order will be and then all the other sequentially showing how it all begins.