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George Orwell

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act."

The Orwellian society is now all around us, gathering pace by the hour, and naturally a vital component of the Illuminati thought control today is, as Orwell envisaged, the manipulation of language. Here are some of the real meanings behind modern Newspeak that the spinners constantly work to conceal.


American interest – the interest of those who control the US and anyone who resists that control is acting “against American interests”. 

National security – the security of the authorities to hide their agenda and the control of the people through increased security to meet manufactured dangers. 

Extremist – anyone saying anything different to the government-supported norm. Redistributing wealth from mega rich to starving poor is considered “extremism” by those in power. 

Conspiracy theory – any claim that the government is lying and following an agenda hidden from the public or people. 

Change – a big Newspeak word that means to introduce the Illuminati global society by creating problems and undermining the status quo to bring about the perceived need for “change”. 

Conservatives and Liberals – terms designed to present every issue as black and white polarities and obscure that fact that there are more than two sides to every debate. 

Nation building – after bombing and invading a target country, you place a puppet government in power to represent your interests while claiming it is a government chosen by the native people. 

Peacekeeping – occupation of a country by foreign troops. 

Peace process – giving the impression that you are working for peace when it is merely an interlude before launching more conquest through war. 

Terrorist – those who protest through violence, but also anyone who attacks or challenges the interests of the ‘West’, especially America, Britain and Israel, or stands in the way further conquest. 

Liberation – mass murder and terrorism against civilians in the name of stopping terrorism that is nothing whatsoever to do with the people you kill. 

War on terrorism – the constant repeat of this process. 

Attack – when America and Co are the target. 

Retaliation – when America and Co attack. 

First-strike – when America and Co attack first in retaliation for what America and Co claims their target country could do to them. 

Self-defense – killing the other guy before he even thinks of killing you. 

Western values – these are values you want to impose on others, but don’t have yourself. 

Campaign contribution – bribe. 

Education – brainwashing. 

Equality – make everyone a slave. 

Good citizens – slaves that don’t protest at being so or even realize that they are. 

Affirmative action – racial discrimination that affirmative action is supposed to eliminate. The only way to do achieve racial equality is for everyone to be chosen on their merits irrespective of their color, creed or background, and for everyone to have an equal opportunity to develop their talents. 

Democracy – elected, or even unelected, dictatorship in which the majority often vote for the losers. 

Crime – breaking a law passed without our agreement no matter how ludicrous it may be. 

Freedom of the press – freedom to report the official version of any events. 

Human rights – the right to do what the government tells you. 

Tolerance – do not criticize or challenge the behavior of anything and anyone, no matter what the circumstances. 

Zero-tolerance – tyranny. 

Freedom – slavery. 

Free trade – using slave labor to make your products in the world’s poorest countries for a few cents, and exporting them without tariff charges to the richest countries to sell for top-of-the-range prices. Also means to dump your products in any country you wish and destroy the local economy and livelihoods of the world’s poorest people. 

Competition – transnational corporations competing to see which can exploit the global population most effectively. 

Capitalism – cartelism. 

Isolationist – anyone who doesn’t want to dictate to others and control the people of other nations. 

Level playing field – fixing the system in favor of those you wish to win. 

Propaganda – whatever your opponents say because you only tell the truth. 


The distorted use of these words and others is designed to plant a false reality into the conscious, and especially subconscious mind. This manipulates people to see themselves and the world in a way that suits the ambitions of their leaders.