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9/11 Photo Gallery

Reflection from the scene
South tower collapse from northeast
North tower - top flies apart
North tower collapse with strange glow from left
Red dust cloud - Monument to Katyn Massacre in foreground
Cross-section of WTC tower
WTC-1 collapse with bright glow
The Spire: a portion of the outer wall of WTC-1 just after collapse
Another view of spire
The spire abruptly turns into a tower of dust
High-resolution satellite view of WTC site after collapse
Before and after photos of WTC site
An image of spire at end of WTC-1 collapse
Metal dust shedding from pieces of outer wall
More dust shedding from perimeter columns
WTC-1 collapse - large pieces fall ahead of dust cloud
WTC-1 collapse (or explosion) from "Painful Questions"
Dust cloud from WTC-2 from the south
WTC tower under construction - good view of the central core
Explosive disintegration of the top of the South Tower
WTC-2 falls - explosions early in collapse
WTC-1 fireworks
Four views of WTC-1 collapse
WTC-7 in foreground
Early in South tower collapse from southwest
More fireworks and strange vertical smoke plume
Pyroclastic slurry and 12' pieces of outer columns
Early in WTC-2 collapse from northeast
Aerial view of the whole area in New York City